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Wet Plate Photo Experience: Transforming Life's Events into Tangible Memories with a Blend of Tradition and Innovation in Photography


Experience the captivating wet plate photography, a classic 19th-century technique revived in the modern era, where images are meticulously crafted on glass or aluminum plates using silver particles. Enjoy the priceless photographs, distinct from those obtained with smartphones or digital cameras.

Indulge in an extraordinary photography session using large format cameras, and savor the enchanting moment when images emerge in the darkroom. Let's create unforgettable memories and timeless photographs to be cherished by your family and beloved partners for generations to come.

Capture special moments with wet plate photography. This exceptional experience and beautiful photographs will eternally engrave the bonds with your loved ones.

Wet Plate Photography is a classic technique that can create a one-of-a-kind handmade photograph by making an image appear on a glass or aluminum plate with the chemical reaction of silver nitrate and collodion. This technique was born in England in the 19 century, and many portraits of historical figures were made employing the technique. 
Everything in the process of making wet plate photograph must be done by hand; yes, it really is literally a handmade physical photograph! 

Since the early 2000s, there has been a worldwide revival of wet plate photography as part of the resurgence of analog photography driven by the widespread adoption of digital photography. In recent years, with the rapid advancement of digital photography and the rise of social media, the unique texture and expressive qualities of wet plate photography have been reevaluated and its popularity has been steadily increasing. Currently, workshops, exhibitions, and photography sessions are being held in various regions around the world.

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Sunday, August 6th

Event participation

We will be participating in an art and music event held at August Moon Cafe in Hamacho, Tokyo. This time's theme is "ABLUTIONS", which includes wet plate photography, butoh performance, live guitar performance, and classical guitar....[Details]

Introduced on a blog

A student who took this workshop introduced wet plate photography on Canon Marketing Japan's Photocchi (photo studio introduction site) blog. ​Blog article"Wet plate photo, dry plate photo​"

Wet plate photography, Large format camera

Foto Studio Argento is a wet plate photography studio located in Shinkoiwa, Tokyo. I shoot beautiful and impressive wet plate photography of solo and couple portraits, family and friends photos, and all kinds of commemorative photographs. 
As all photos are created digitally today, I find the hands-on analog feel of wet plate photography unique and invaluable. Why not enjoy a magical wet plate experience at Foto Studio Argento and beautifully engrave your precious memories on the plate?
 (Argento means "silver" in Italian)

Chemicals for wet plate photography


The photoshoot was an amazing experience. The photographer was so knowledgeable about wet plate photography. He gladly explained and showed us all about the process of plate preparation and development. Most importantly the photographer was incredibly warm and kind. I was a little nervous at first because I’m bad at being photographed, but I was quickly put at ease by Riichi’s kindness and patience. He even managed to make me laugh, capturing a wonderful moment with my partner and I. We both enjoyed talking with Riichi during the whole process and he made us feel very welcome. I hope someday I’m able to do it again.

Couple portrait (USA)

The most unique photo experience I’ve ever had! So cool to see how this vintage process works and the resulting image quality is so distinct. Great portrait photographer!

Family portrait (Canada)

For those who are interested in trying wet plate photography, it may be difficult to visualize the actual process of shooting with just books or online information. Wet plate photography workshops themselves are quite rare, and here you can have a hands-on experience, making it an ideal first step. Moreover, even for photography enthusiasts, it's worth trying at least once, considering the uniqueness of the experience. The transformation of a negative on glass into a positive image feels truly mystical, like alchemy. While it may be hard to grasp through digital camera photography, participating in wet plate photography allows you to understand the passion and efforts that pioneers in the early days of photography put into preserving images.

Workshop (Tokyo)

A unique and intriguing experience for those interested in photography, art or history. The fascinating process was explained in detail and resulted in a captivating solid-glass image that will be passed down for generations. I had a great afternoon at Foto Studio Argento; the photo shoot and subsequent development and production of the image was an amazing experience that I hope to repeat someday. Highly recommended!

Solo portrait (Australia)

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