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Photo on aluminium plate

Size: 127mm x 178mm (2L size)

Number of photo taken: 1

Time required: 1 to 2 hours *Post-processing will be done after the shoot. Pls. check the delivery method at the bottom.

Price: 20,000 yen

Tintype (M)

Important notes:

・The number of people that can be photographed: 1-4 people

・The composition is only the upper body (the whole body is not covered)

The images on tintypes are reversed on the left and right. Please be careful of text and logos on clothing.

・Any clothes with some patterns are recommended rather than plain clothes.

If I find any defects such as blinking or being out of focus after the shoot, I will redo the shoot at no cost.

・Glasses will look a little darker, like lightly tinted sunglasses.


This service includes:

・One tintype plate

・A wooden stand or a simple frame with a wooden case

・Digital data


Delivery method:

・Pick up at the studio 90 mins after shooting or mail delivery with a fee of 1,000 yen in Japan

・Digital data will be provided within 3 days.

For visitors to Japan:

If you are staying within the central area of Tokyo (within the Yamanote Line), we offer the option to deliver the photos to your hotel front desk within a few days after the shoot. There is no need for you to wait after the photo session (the delivery fee is 1,000 yen). Please provide details during the reservation.

In the studio, we provide one male and one female yukata (casual kimono) each, free of charge. Please feel free to use them as a memorable experience in Japan.

Tintype Tintype
Wooden stand
Tintype, Tintype
Simple frame with a wooden case
Color print
You can order a color print of the same composition taken with the tintype for an additional 3,000 yen. Stored on the back of the wooden box lid, you can enjoy both the monochrome tintype and the color photo.

Let us know during the shoot if you want the color print.
Delivery will take some time, either via pickup or mail.
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