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Duration: 3-4 hours (14:00-17:30)

Participation fee: 20,000 yen (5,000 yen advance payment [deposit required]).

Dates: Irregular basis (Usually held on weekends. Please contact us via "Book now" below)

●What will you learn at the workshop?
You will learn the series of ambrotype processes using a glass plate, take your own self-portraits, and create a single ambrotype (cabinet size). There is no problem even if you have no knowledge of cameras.

Basic flow (Ambrotype)

(1) Polish a glass plate thoroughly.

(2) Pour the collodion solution onto the glass plate and let it half-dried.

(3) Soak the half-dried glass plate in silver nitrate solution for about 3 minutes. Silver ions in the solution react with the collodion solution to form silver halogens, making the glass plate photosensitive.

(4) The glass plate is loaded into a large camera and photographed (exposed).

(5) The glass plate is removed from the camera and immediately developed and fixed in a darkroom.

(6) Rinse with water and dry. Coat with varnish to prevent tarnishing and scratching.

●Please read
-Per participant, up to one companion can tour for 5,000 yen (you may take a photo with your companion instead of taking a self-portrait).
-The end time of the workshop will vary by approximately 1 hour depending on the number of participants.

-Does not include chemical preparation work.

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