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Foto Studio Argento

Wet Plate Photographer

Riichi Yamaguchi


Born in Tokyo. Studied photography at a fine arts college in New York City, and after graduating, worked as an assistant to contemporary artist Hiroshi Sugimoto. Upon returning to Japan, gained experience in art gallery direction before currently serving as a Printing Director at a printing company. Continues photography and artistic pursuits alongside primary occupation. Holds numerous domestic and international exhibitions. Recognitions include Honorable Mention in Photography New Century and finalist in the Okamoto Taro Contemporary Art Award. Received grants from agencies such as the Agency for Cultural Affairs and Art Council England.


Additionally, captivated by wet plate collodion photography after attending a workshop in 2021, founded the specialized wet plate collodion studio, Foto Studio Argento, in 2023. Specializes in capturing family portraits, couples, artists, and dancers.

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